City of Vancouver Infrastructure Strategy

This report evaluates the role of the local government in supporting the growth and maintenance of a strong plug-in electric vehicle market in Vancouver. The City of Vancouver EV Infrastructure Strategy identifies areas of action in which a local government can impact their region based on a thorough understanding of the current plug‐in vehicle market, international demonstration projects, and research efforts.  Specifically, workplace and public charging is needed to reinforce and fulfill the gaps from home‐based charging in dense urban regions. Local governments can encourage investments in workplace and public charging by providing clear regional guidelines for installers and customers, providing appropriate incentives to businesses, allowing for an innovative marketplace in the vehicle charging industry, and collaborating with the regional utility to identify specific opportunities for optimization and encouragement of utility rates and vehicle‐grid interactions.

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Garas, Dahlia, Gustavo O. Collantes, Michael A. Nicholas (2016) City of Vancouver EV Infrastructure Strategy Report. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Working Paper UCD-ITS-WP-16-04

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