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8/6/2021 Gil Tal Sales of hybrid cars are surging. That’s a good sign for the future of electric vehicles, experts say. Washington Post
10/27/2020 Gil Tal To Save the Planet, Get More EVs Into Used Car Lots Wired
10/25/2020 Daniel Sperling Bay Area transit has big hopes for a Biden administration SF Examiner
10/23/2020 Ken Kurani Study reveals why buyers shun EVs E&E News
10/8/2020 Scott Hardman Meet the Other Kind of Electric Car: Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs Spectrum News
10/1/2020 Gil Tal How a gas car ban could fail in Calif. E&E News
9/27/2020 Gil Tal California’s gas-fueled car ban: Can we really all drive electric cars? San Francisco Chronicle
9/23/2020 Gil Tal Gov. Newsom Pumping The Brakes On Gas Cars Good Day Sacramento
9/8/2020 Daniel Sperling Uber vows to make N America and Europe fleets fully electric by 2030 Forbes
8/17/2020 Daniel Sperling Five automakers finalize deal with California to clean up car emissions CalMatters
7/30/2020 Gil Tal Los Angeles Accelerates Efforts to Electrify Its Infamous Traffic Scientific American
7/9/2020 Alan Jenn UC Davis researcher finds ride-hailing EVs offer triple the emissions benefits of a personally owned EV Green Car Congress
7/8/2020 Alan Jenn Ride-Hailing Electric Vehicles Offer Triple the Emissions Benefits UC Davis News
6/3/2020 Scott Hardman Surprise! Even Partial Automation Is Encouraging Drivers Not to Pay Attention StreetsBlog Cal
5/13/2020 Angela Sanguinetti Home Energy Savings by Understanding Your Energy Bill Youtube
4/20/2020 Gil Tal Economic toll endangers key climate goal: Cleaner cars E&E News
3/19/2020 Angela Sanguinetti Should Gasoline Come With A Climate Change Warning Label? These Cities Think So. HuffPost
3/3/2020 Daniel Sperling 3 Revolutions in Davis: Conference Soon Streetsblog California
2/14/2020 Ken Kurani EV Options Have Increased but Public Awareness Not So Much Government Technology
2/14/2020 Daniel Sperling How Autonomous Vehicles Could Change SoCal Traffic Spectrum News
2/2/2020 Ken Kurani Super Bowl Ads Hyped Electric Cars. But Will Anyone Buy Them? New York Times
11/14/2019 Angela Sanguinetti Are students breathing good air? University of California
10/16/2019 Gil Tal EVs To The Rescue: Lessons From A California Blackout Yahoo Finance
9/25/2019 Gil Tal Will Tesla's Autopilot System Change Vehicle Use? Forbes
9/25/2019 Scott Hardman Will Tesla's Autopilot System Change Vehicle Use? Forbes
9/25/2019 Daniel Sperling Will Tesla's Autopilot System Change Vehicle Use? Forbes
9/19/2019 Daniel Sperling Trump Threatens California's Role as a Clean-Air Pioneer Wired
9/18/2019 Gil Tal Californians are buying up electric cars. But where will they plug in? San Francisco Chronicle
9/18/2019 Daniel Sperling California Promises to Fight EPA Plan on Car Standards Scientific American
9/18/2019 Daniel Sperling Fact check: Trump says his pollution rules will make cars safer and cheaper. Will they? The Sacramento Bee
9/17/2019 Daniel Sperling Beyond lawsuits, CA may weaponize electric car rebates in its emissions battle against Trump CalMatters
9/6/2019 Daniel Sperling A ban on gas-powered cars? 2020 Democrats embrace what once was a California fantasy The Sacramento Bee
8/19/2019 Daniel Sperling The Business Case for Mobility Data Sharing Forbes
8/16/2019 Daniel Sperling Trying to help mentally ill jail inmates, trying to quit cars, and the $3 billion cash crop CalMatters
8/9/2019 Daniel Sperling AVs are coming. Will they hurt the climate? E&E News
7/31/2019 Gil Tal EV tax credit fight sparks lobbying frenzy E&E News
7/31/2019 Gil Tal How to Charge Your Electric Car at Home Yahoo News / Consumer Reports
7/30/2019 Daniel Sperling California steers toward a future of self-driving electric vehicles Energy News Network
7/29/2019 Daniel Sperling CALSTART’s Boesel Joins UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies Board NGT News
7/25/2019 Daniel Sperling California’s emissions deal with automakers dodges Trump EPA plan to gut rules CalMatters
7/21/2019 Gil Tal Electric Cars 101: The Answers to All Your EV Questions Yahoo News / Consumer Reports
7/15/2019 Daniel Sperling The Environmental Cost of Amazon's Prime Day EcoWatch
7/11/2019 Gil Tal Electric Chargers for the Home Garage The New York Times
7/9/2019 Daniel Sperling Can Big Tech Cause a Big Change in Public Transportation? MarketScale
7/8/2019 Daniel Sperling California bill could triple rebates for electric car buyers San Francisco Chronicle
7/8/2019 Daniel Sperling It’s New York vs. California in a New Climate Race. Who Will Win? The New York Times
6/25/2019 Ryan Barr The Power of Reusing Electric Vehicle Batteries T&D World
6/19/2019 Scott Hardman Today’s Pickup: PEV, Tesla owners in California mostly rich men FreightWaves
6/7/2019 Daniel Sperling Trump administration says no new talks with California on car rules CalMatters
5/24/2019 Daniel Sperling Why California’s air board won’t ban gas-powered cars yet CalMatters
5/20/2019 Daniel Sperling In Middle of Trade War, America’s Busiest Port Gets Ready for Robots Bloomberg
5/17/2019 Daniel Sperling Self-driving cars have to be safer than regular cars. The question is how much. Vox
5/16/2019 Gil Tal Despite Sharp Growth in Electric Cars, Vehicle Emissions Keep Rising CalMatters
5/5/2019 Daniel Sperling Self-driving cars could one day clog streets with traffic and pollution Yale Climate Connections
5/1/2019 Gil Tal Evaluating the Case for the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Niskanen Center
5/1/2019 Daniel Sperling Safety advocates slow Florida's rush for driverless cars The Washington Times
4/24/2019 Daniel Sperling The conundrum of pooled ride-hailing GreenBiz
4/23/2019 Daniel Sperling Could Autonomous Vehicles Be Worse For Cities Than Regular Cars? Forbes
4/19/2019 Daniel Sperling Air Resources Board and Transportation Commission Meet, Again. To What Purpose? Streetsblog California
4/10/2019 Scott Hardman Resurrecting Plug-in Hybrid Cars Forbes
4/10/2019 Daniel Sperling Resurrecting Plug-in Hybrid Cars Forbes
4/2/2019 Daniel Sperling Automated Shuttle Comes to UC Davis West Village UC Davis News
4/2/2019 Daniel Sperling Self-employed, Americans do not trust: "The human pilot is safer"* (POOR TRANSLATION) CorCom
4/1/2019 Daniel Sperling Americans still don't trust self-driving cars, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds Reuters
3/20/2019 Daniel Sperling Why are car giants investing in micro-scooters? Automotive World
3/19/2019 Alan Jenn Future of the gas tax? Running on empty The CT Mirror
3/8/2019 Gil Tal Speaking of Business: ‘If you’re heavily reliant on Amazon… you’re in a lot of trouble’ The Seattle Times
3/5/2019 Gil Tal After years of promise, battery cars about to go mainstream Associated Press
2/23/2019 Gil Tal New refillable batteries could fuel an electric car revolution NBC
2/11/2019 Daniel Sperling A new recipe for climate success Corporate Knights
2/1/2019 Daniel Sperling A climate problem even California can't fix: tailpipe pollution Reuters
1/23/2019 Daniel Sperling Autonomous vehicles will lead to more traffic, pollution, sprawl — unless we act now, study says The Mercury News
1/18/2019 Daniel Sperling Live from Transforming Transportation 2019: The Convergence of Old and New Mobility TheCityFix
1/17/2019 Alan Jenn Report: EV Mileage Fee Would Cover Gas-Tax Losses WardsAuto
1/17/2019 Daniel Sperling Live From Transforming Transportation 2019: The Promise and Reality of New Mobility Today TheCityFix
1/14/2019 Gil Tal Maryland Public Service Commission authorizes utilities to install 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations statewide The Baltimore Sun
1/14/2019 Alan Jenn How Should EV Owners Pay for Use of the Roads? Greentech Media
1/14/2019 Daniel Sperling TRB Leaders Unveil Critical Issues Transport Topics
1/8/2019 Daniel Sperling Watch Hyundai's new walking car go for a stroll NBC
1/7/2019 Alan Jenn UC Davis Proposes Mileage-Based Road-Funding Fee For Evs InsideEVs
1/4/2019 Alan Jenn UC Davis report proposes mileage fee for EVs, maintaining fuel tax for ICEs to support road repairs Green Car Congress
1/4/2019 Alan Jenn Report recommends mileage-based fee for EVs in California Autoblog
1/3/2019 Alan Jenn How to Fund Roads and Ensure Electric Vehicles Pay Their Share UC Davis News
12/26/2018 Daniel Sperling Do you believe in autonomous vehicles? Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn't
12/21/2018 Daniel Sperling A California program to put the masses in electric cars may cost $14 billion Quartz
12/20/2018 Daniel Sperling 7 Arguments Against the Autonomous-Vehicle Utopia The Atlantic
12/18/2018 Gil Tal BC Just Scrapped the Future of the Gas-Powered Car The Tyee
12/18/2018 Daniel Sperling E-bus duty from 2029
12/18/2018 Daniel Sperling Why Federal AV Policy Is a Necessary -- But Not Sufficient -- Step Forbes
12/14/2018 Gil Tal Hybrid Cars: What Will Their Future Be? * Automobilismo
12/7/2018 Dahlia Garas BMW loaning 10 pre-owned i3 cars to UC Davis for 18 months BMWBlog
12/5/2018 Gil Tal UC Davis Takes 10 Electric Cars on Extended Test Drive UC Davis News
12/5/2018 Dahlia Garas UC Davis Takes 10 Electric Cars on Extended Test Drive UC Davis News
12/5/2018 Daniel Sperling UC Davis Takes 10 Electric Cars on Extended Test Drive UC Davis News
12/5/2018 Daniel Sperling Transportation Commission, Air Resources Meet at Cross Purposes, Talk Past Each Other Streetsblog California
12/3/2018 Gil Tal Is the era of hybrid cars already at the end? * alVolante
12/2/2018 Gil Tal The Death Of The Plug-In Hybrid Is Inevitable InsideEVs
11/30/2018 Gil Tal Tesla’s Model 3 and the death of plug-in hybrids: ‘Full electric is a much more elegant solution’ Teslarati
11/27/2018 Daniel Sperling App Shows US, Canadian Commuters the Cleanest, Greenest Route Home Voice of America
11/26/2018 Gil Tal The Plug-In Hybrid Car Hits Its Stride, Just in Time to Die Bloomberg
11/14/2018 Gil Tal What electric vehicle sales say about transition off fossil fuels The Hill
11/14/2018 Daniel Sperling What electric vehicle sales say about transition off fossil fuels The Hill
11/13/2018 Daniel Sperling You say you want a revolution: How changing mobility will make new cities GreenBiz
11/5/2018 Daniel Sperling Uber and Lyft Could Free Us From Cars—Or Kill Public Transit Sierra Club
10/26/2018 Daniel Sperling Should Self-Driving Cars Have Ethics? NPR
10/25/2018 Daniel Sperling Spread of Self-Driving Cars Could Cause More Pollution — Unless the Electric Grid Transforms Radically Government Technology
10/24/2018 Daniel Sperling When electric isn’t good enough Curbed
10/17/2018 Daniel Sperling How (Almost) Everyone Came To Love Low Carbon Fuels In California Forbes
10/10/2018 Dahlia Garas Ram 1500 eTorque Ushers in Age of Electrified Trucks
10/3/2018 Scott Hardman Millions Will Fund a Campaign Focused on Bolstering EVs in California Government Technology
9/30/2018 Daniel Sperling My turn: CA’s transportation is broken. The next governor can fix it CalMatters
9/26/2018 Daniel Sperling California Mulls Increase To State Electric Car Subsidies HybridCars
9/25/2018 Daniel Sperling California weighs an additional $2,000 subsidy for electric cars Los Angeles Times
9/21/2018 Daniel Sperling The electric car comes of age, right when we need it The CT Mirror
9/19/2018 Scott Hardman How partially automated vehicles could lead to more driving Axios
9/19/2018 Daniel Sperling How partially automated vehicles could lead to more driving Axios
9/17/2018 Daniel Sperling The 2018 VERGE Vanguard Awards GreenBiz
9/13/2018 Gil Tal Gov. Brown's Biggest Climate Foe Isn't Trump. It's Car-Loving Californians NPR
9/11/2018 Daniel Sperling LAURELS: Honoring Excellence in Mentoring UC Davis News
9/11/2018 Daniel Sperling World's local governments rally in California to fight climate change Reuters
9/10/2018 Scott Hardman National Drive Electric Week Draws New Attention to Electric Vehicles Government Technology
8/31/2018 Gil Tal For EVs to Really Get Traction, Home Charging Needs to Be an Option Government Technology
8/31/2018 Scott Hardman For EVs to Really Get Traction, Home Charging Needs to Be an Option Government Technology
8/31/2018 Daniel Sperling Ride-hailing apps like Uber are reducing public transport use in the US. But they could do the opposite CityMetric
8/30/2018 Daniel Sperling Long Live Batteries Forbes
8/20/2018 Daniel Sperling By Freezing Vehicle Standards, The Trump Administration Will Grind Auto Innovation To A Halt Forbes
8/14/2018 Tom Turrentine Yosemite Valley Re-Opens — And Welcomes Back The L.A.-Style Traffic Capital Public Radio
8/3/2018 Daniel Sperling Broad opposition to EPA, NHTSA proposed freeze of GHG, CAFE regs Green Car Congress
8/2/2018 Gil Tal Proposed Car Efficiency Rollback Will Not Halt Electric Vehicles Scientific American
8/2/2018 Daniel Sperling Proposed Car Efficiency Rollback Will Not Halt Electric Vehicles Scientific American
8/2/2018 Daniel Sperling Trying To Make Sense Of Trump's Rollback Of Vehicle Standards Forbes
7/23/2018 Daniel Sperling Trump could move this week to end California’s clean-car authority San Francisco Chronicle
7/20/2018 Daniel Sperling 5 Things to Watch as the Trump Administration Weakens Car Rules Scientific American
7/19/2018 Daniel Sperling Tesla's Struggles Are A Threat To The Future Of Electric Cars Forbes
7/17/2018 Daniel Sperling On Amazon’s Prime Day, the environment gets a raw deal Grist
7/12/2018 Daniel Sperling New Mobility Companies For A New Future Forbes
7/11/2018 Daniel Sperling Tesla’s China plant will serve the world’s biggest electric car market Marketplace
7/11/2018 Daniel Sperling Three Revolutions and the Future of Cars: An Interview with Dr. Dan Sperling Union of Concerned Scientists
7/5/2018 Daniel Sperling Can Ride-Hailing Improve Public Transportation Instead of Undercutting It? Scientific American
7/3/2018 Daniel Sperling Lyft Gets into Bike-Sharing, Following Uber Government Technology
7/3/2018 Daniel Sperling Uber and Lyft want to be about so much more than cars CNN
6/28/2018 Daniel Sperling E-scooters are spreading in US cities n-tv
6/28/2018 Daniel Sperling Why Pooling Is Crucial for Our Transportation Future The Wall Street Journal
6/25/2018 Gil Tal Incentives end looms for top-selling Evs Automotive News
6/21/2018 Daniel Sperling Electric scooter-sharing moves into the fast lane Yahoo News
6/19/2018 Gil Tal Uber teams up with SMUD to offer new cash incentives. There's just one condition The Sacramento Bee
5/31/2018 Daniel Sperling Methanol-Fueled Cars Could Drive Us Toward an Emissionless Future IEEE Spectrum
5/16/2018 Daniel Sperling California May Push Uber And Lyft To Go Electric, With Far-Reaching Consequences Forbes
5/10/2018 Daniel Sperling DUI arrests down sharply in California cities — thanks to Lyft and Uber? The Mercury News
5/7/2018 Daniel Sperling Making It Easier to Get Transportation to Rural Health Care Next Avenue
5/1/2018 Daniel Sperling Governor Moonbeam's Got One Last Fight Against Trump Left in Him Bloomberg
4/23/2018 Gil Tal Volkswagen's Penance Will Expand Nation's Fast-Charging Network Forbes
4/20/2018 Daniel Sperling Uber or Lyft? Sacramento’s newest rideshare competitor may be Regional Transit The Sacramento Bee
4/19/2018 Daniel Sperling Three Revolutions' That Will Change How People Move Capital Public Radio
4/18/2018 Gil Tal The Electric Vehicle Boom is Coming. What Can We Learn From Early Adopters? Ensia
4/18/2018 Daniel Sperling 6 surprising ways driverless cars will change our world NBC
4/9/2018 Daniel Sperling Dockless bike and scooter sharing promises convenience but delivers chaos Chicago Tribune
4/7/2018 Daniel Sperling The new symbiosis between automakers and ride-hailing companies GreenBiz
3/26/2018 Gil Tal Maryland's utilities propose spending $104 million on statewide electric-vehicle charging network The Baltimore Sun
3/22/2018 Daniel Sperling Self-driving car industry confronts trust issues after Uber crash Reuters
3/22/2018 Daniel Sperling The future of sustainable transportation is — Uber Pool? GreenBiz
3/13/2018 Daniel Sperling A declaration of war': Trump eyes fight with California over car pollution The Sacramento Bee
3/13/2018 Daniel Sperling 3 Questions: The future of transportation systems MIT News
3/7/2018 Gil Tal Tesla and Uber Weigh In on Policies to Boost EV Adoption Greentech Media
3/7/2018 Ken Kurani Tesla and Uber Weigh In on Policies to Boost EV Adoption Greentech Media
2/27/2018 Daniel Sperling California may tweak climate program that’s quietly pushing up gas prices San Francisco Chronicle
2/27/2018 Daniel Sperling California's pollution cops crack down on big rigs. That might start a fight with Trump The Sacramento Bee
2/26/2018 Ken Kurani Consumers Lack EV Awareness, Even in the Nation’s Largest Market Greentech Media
2/26/2018 Scott Hardman Consumers Lack EV Awareness, Even in the Nation’s Largest Market Greentech Media
2/21/2018 Daniel Sperling Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming, and California Isn’t Ready Streetsblog California
2/19/2018 Daniel Sperling "Every next step of Tesla can go wrong" Zeit Online
2/6/2018 Ken Kurani Automakers are betting big on electric cars — but there's a lingering problem with EVs no one is talking about Business Insider
2/6/2018 Scott Hardman Automakers are betting big on electric cars — but there's a lingering problem with EVs no one is talking about Business Insider
2/5/2018 Ken Kurani What if car buyers aren't ready for electric cars, even in California? Green Car Reports
2/5/2018 Scott Hardman What if car buyers aren't ready for electric cars, even in California? Green Car Reports
1/14/2018 Daniel Sperling Sacramento’s transit future: Order a bus to your front door The Sacramento Bee
1/8/2018 Daniel Sperling Will Self-Driving Cars Usher in a Transportation Utopia or Dystopia? Yale E360
12/31/2017 Daniel Sperling The World's Fair Future of 1939 and the Quest for our Next Utopia Wired
12/8/2017 Tom Turrentine Tax Overhaul Hammers Clean Energy and Electric Cars MIT Technology Review
12/7/2017 Alan Jenn Can Car-Sharing Culture Help Fuel an Electric Vehicle Revolution? InsideClimate News
10/17/2017 Daniel Sperling Believe it or not, commuting will get better — a few decades from now San Francisco Chronicle
10/8/2017 Daniel Sperling California could ban gasoline cars — if automakers don’t beat state to it San Francisco Chronicle
9/27/2017 Daniel Sperling No more gas or diesel cars in California? State considers ban The Sacramento Bee
8/31/2017 Daniel Sperling Planes, trains or automobiles: What's the most carbon-efficient way to travel? Salon
8/25/2017 Daniel Sperling How California’s car culture hurts the state’s fight against climate change The Sacramento Bee
8/9/2017 Angela Sanguinetti Cohousing's Diversity Problem CityLab
8/7/2017 Gil Tal Need An Electric Car Charger For Your Home? Consumer Reports Has Important Advice CleanTechnica
8/4/2017 Tom Turrentine Other Countries Are Giving Up Gas-Powered Cars—Will the U.S. Ever Hop Aboard? Natural Resources Defense Council
8/4/2017 Gil Tal What's the Right Electric-Car Charger for Your Home? Consumer Reports
8/3/2017 Daniel Sperling The UK joins a move to ban gas and diesel cars by 2040 PRI
7/23/2017 Gil Tal For Tesla, Model 3 marks a big push and a big test The Mercury News
7/19/2017 Daniel Sperling Plan calls for L.A., Long Beach ports to go to zero-emissions technology; cost could hit $14 billion Los Angeles Times
7/17/2017 Gil Tal Charge-as-You-Go Electric Cars: Sounds Great, But Do We Really Need Them? KQED
6/19/2017 Daniel Sperling Is Uber Taking Sacramento, Calif., Transit's Ridership? Government Technology
4/21/2017 Daniel Sperling When It Comes To Clean Cars, Is The California Way The Right Approach? Fast Company
3/28/2017 Daniel Sperling Automation of port terminals threatens thousands of lucrative dock worker jobs Fox
3/27/2017 Daniel Sperling Air Resources Board: CA Needs to Align Transportation Funding With Climate Goals Streetsblog California
3/24/2017 Daniel Sperling California Upholds Auto Emissions Standards, Setting Up Face-Off With Trump The New York Times
3/23/2017 Daniel Sperling Three Revolutions Turning the Transportation World Upside-Down Government Technology
3/13/2017 Daniel Sperling The Future Car Is Driverless, Shared and Electric UC Davis News
3/7/2017 Daniel Sperling Austria is Making Electric Cars More Affordable Than Ever Pacific Standard
2/3/2017 Daniel Sperling Is Online Shopping Better for the Environment Than Going to the Store? AlterNet
1/7/2017 Daniel Sperling Toyota Mirai Driver Comes Clean About His Hydrogen-Powered Car Forbes
12/13/2016 Scott Hardman Energy In Motion Business Quarter
12/8/2016 Tom Turrentine Why electric cars are only as clean as their power supply The Guardian
11/11/2016 Gil Tal Hyperloop One Has Unveiled Its Plans For The World's First Hyperloop System ScienceAlert
11/10/2016 Gil Tal Hyperloop One releases “comprehensive concept design” for high-speed rail in Dubai Ars Technica
9/20/2016 Angela Sanguinetti Modern Housing With Village Virtues The New York Times
8/9/2016 Scott Hardman Future Faces Awards 2016: Entrepreneurship Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
8/9/2016 Daniel Sperling 10 Powerful Climate Change Insights for Improving the Planet UC Davis News
8/3/2016 Daniel Sperling Musk Tears Into California Board Over Emission Credits Rules Bloomberg
7/26/2016 Gil Tal Sustainability, Innovation Driving Tesla CEO Musk WardsAuto
7/8/2016 Daniel Sperling Is California sticking it to Tesla for selling so many EVs (and selling the emissions credits)? ExtremeTech
6/16/2016 Daniel Sperling Ford's F-150, despite overhaul, still faces emissions, mpg hurdles Automotive News
6/4/2016 Daniel Sperling America Is Hitting the Road Again The New York Times
5/27/2016 Daniel Sperling Would You Take $100 a Month to Give Up Your Car? PCMag
5/18/2016 Daniel Sperling Parkmerced plans to subsidize residents’ use of Uber, Muni, BART SFGate
5/18/2016 Daniel Sperling Uber and a Bay Area landlord will pay new tenants $100 a month to go car-free The Verge
5/5/2016 Gil Tal Can Tesla Build Enough Electric Cars? Scientific American
4/24/2016 Daniel Sperling On This Waterfront, Robot Longshoremen Are the New Contenders Bloomberg
4/21/2016 Daniel Sperling How to Travel the Earth
And Protect It, Too
The New York Times
4/19/2016 Ken Kurani Got EVs? Why utilities should promote electric vehicles to consumers Utility Dive
4/13/2016 Tom Turrentine Tesla Model 3 electric cars selling — mostly to techies Electric Light & Power
4/8/2016 Daniel Sperling Is electric car really green? BBC China
4/7/2016 Ken Kurani Recharge Wrap-up: Green Car award for Volvo XC90, MN air better from biodiesel Autoblog
4/7/2016 Ken Kurani CARB research seminar on new car buyers’ valuation of ZEVs Green Car Congress
4/5/2016 Ken Kurani The $100B prize: Why EVs are the opportunity of the century for utilities Utility Dive
3/27/2016 Daniel Sperling Taxpayers could pay dearly for California’s high-speed-train dreams The Economist
3/2/2016 Daniel Sperling Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market UC Davis News
3/1/2016 Daniel Sperling Did California Figure Out How to Fix Global Warming? Mother Jones
2/23/2016 Daniel Sperling Student Question | Should We Think Twice Before Buying Online? The New York Times (Blog)
2/17/2016 Daniel Sperling Online Shopping Not as Environmentally Friendly as You Think, Study Says The Weather Channel
2/16/2016 Daniel Sperling E-Commerce: Convenience Built on a Mountain of Cardboard The New York Times
1/20/2016 Dahlia Garas Big wins for UC sustainability in 2015 University of California
12/28/2015 Daniel Sperling Buying A New Car Can Trim Your Carbon Footprint, But There's More To It NPR
12/8/2015 Daniel Sperling The Dimming of Diesel Fuel’s Future in Cars The New York Times
11/20/2015 Daniel Sperling Transportation Emissions Could Be Cut in Half by 2050 Climate Central
10/21/2015 Daniel Sperling Will Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Live Up to the Hype? Greentech Media
9/28/2015 Daniel Sperling Volkswagen Scandal To Dampen Demand For Diesel Cars As 'Clean Diesel' Image Threatened International Business Times
9/26/2015 Daniel Sperling VW scandal puts diesel engines on trial Detroit Free Press
9/24/2015 Daniel Sperling The Real Winner in The VW Diesel Scandal? Hybrid Cars Wired
9/23/2015 Daniel Sperling Golf cart-like vehicles part of the plan at Rancho Mission Viejo Orange County Register
7/31/2015 Daniel Sperling Lyft forgoes global expansion in favor of U.S. market domination The Mercury News
6/17/2015 Ken Kurani A Case Study in Bike-Friendly Suburban Planning CityLab
5/19/2015 Gil Tal State nears carpool lane decal limit for Volt, other plug-in hybrids Los Angeles Times
4/23/2015 Daniel Sperling Can the World Run on Renewable Energy? Knowledge@Wharton
4/15/2015 Daniel Sperling Experts move us toward better transportation solutions Davis Enterprise
3/3/2015 Daniel Sperling Will Tesla Ever Make Money? Bloomberg
2/20/2015 Daniel Sperling Why does the gas station across the street have higher prices? Pacific Standard
1/13/2015 Tom Turrentine Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Electric Car Popular Science