City of Davis Alternative Fuel Readiness Plan

The Davis EV Charging Plan (Plan) forecasts local PEV demand and establishes standards and guidelines for the installation of charging infrastructure to meet that demand. The demand for charging is driven by two primary factors: (1) the demand created by plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers, and (2) the role of PEVs in helping balance the electricity grid (i.e. taking power when it’s abundant and releasing it when it’s not).

The Plan enhances local PEV planning efforts by informing local decisions on the number, type, and location of chargers associated with different land use types. This document was designed for City planners and code officials as well as developers and property owners seeking guidance on how to meet customer, tenant, and employee demand for charging. The primary focus of this Plan is on the installation of PEV charging infrastructure, also called electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Section one of this document provides an overview of the policy basis for the Plan. Section two contains a review of PEV and EVSE technology as well as the deployment of PEVs and EVSE in Davis. Section three describes the PEV demand model that informs the standards, design guidelines, and best practices found in Sections four and five. Section six provides practical information related to signage while Section seven looks past the current demand to suggest where the City and its partners could look for future opportunities to enhance and further integrate the Davis EV charging system into the community.

City of Davis EV Charging Plan
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