Evaluate Zero-Emissions Vehicle Charging Stations at Caltrans Facilities - A Corridor DC Fast Charger Infrastructure Performance Study

The purpose of this report is to study the installation, maintenance, and utilization of fifty-four public DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) installed in thirty-seven public locations within the state highway right of way and other Caltrans owned locations in California. They were funded by the California Department of Transportation’s 30-30 Zero-Emission Vehicle Implementation Plan, better known as the Caltrans "30-in-30" Project. The locations have been programmed into the State Highway Operation and Protection Plan (SHOPP). This project will help the California Department of Transportation in learning from the installation and utilization of the chargers to understand the impact of the current locations, study the cost and benefits of those locations and direct future growth of the charging infrastructure. Furthermore, this project aims to provide insights into the utilization of highway corridor charging infrastructure and understand charging infrastructure performance indicators such as energy usage, power performance and reliability and will help understand the need to invest in critical infrastructure along major transportation corridors in the future. 

Please read the final report for CalTrans Agreement 65A0730 here.


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